10mm Shungite Necklace

100% High Quality 10mm Shungite Necklace from Russia.


This amazingly powerful rock is a tool for 5G/ EMF protection, physical healing, work performance and root chakra healing. Shungite is a rock those main chemical element is carbon. Most noteworthy, only this form of carbon contains natural Fullerenes.


This mineral has truly amazing and unusual properties that are no longer inherent in any mineral on earth. According to scientific research, Shungite was formed more than two billion years ago. This extremely rare rock is found only in one place on the planet earth. This is the North-Western region of Russia – “Republic of Karelia”.


This rock has been professionally hand carved to fit comfortably at your wrist. You will love knowing that your are neutralising frequency waves around your body wearing this.



- 10mm Shungite Bracelet

10mm Shungite Necklace


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